• Ongoing private in-home lessons with 8 year-old student, Matisse painting study.

  • 6-session adult collage workshop.

  • Graduate student and postdoc wine and watercolor workshop.

  • Ongoing private in-home art lessons with 5 year-old student, observational drawing and painting.

  • 10-session group art lessons with children ages 3-5.

  • Adult wine and watercolor workshop.

  • Adult wine and painting workshop.


Welcome!  Artwheels is a mobile art studio that brings lessons and events to you.  We provide lessons and events for all ages and abilities, and offer a wide variety of mediums and techniques.

Planning an Event?

Artwheels events are perfect for parties and gatherings!  See more on our events page.

Looking to Learn?

We teach all kinds of art techniques to all ages!  Check out our lessons page for more.

Meet the Artist

Jennifer has been teaching and making art for many years, and enjoys sharing her passion with others.  Read more here!